2. juin, 2018

Montreal film La Chute de Sparte aims to be not (just) another teen movie

Call them hallmarks or tropes, but there are some things you come to expect in a classic teen movie: the cheerleader, the jock, and the geek who gets the girl.

That all shows up in the new teen movie La Chute de Sparte, or The Fall of Sparta in English, released on June 1 2018, is  based on the best-selling Quebec novel by Biz, of the hip hop group Loco Locass.

But montreal rapper and novelist  Biz (from Loco Locass)  and co-screenwriter Tristan Dubois, who directed the film, wanted it to be more than a Porky's or Can't Hardly Wait-style romp.

The film follows the life of bookish introvert Steeve (with two E's) Simard, played by Lévi Doré, who like his character, was about 16 when the film was shot and is now a few weeks shy of his 18th birthday.

Greek mythology and Quebec literature fill Steeve's imagination, represented in the film through visual effects-filled fantasy sequences.

For more info: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/la-chute-de-sparte-1.4689265